inPed er nominert i klassen "Play" i INDEX AWARDS 2013. Dette er en av de største designprisene i verden og vi i inPed er selvsagt svært lykkelige for å være nominert til denne prisen. Stem gjerne på oss ved å trykke her.



inPed Activity Box

Play category


A toolbox for kindergarten personell aiming to contribute to the quality of educational content. 

Detailed Description: 
The product aims to link theory to practice, and contribute to quality of educational content in daycare. The inPed Box consists of several activity cards devided into eight smaller boxes, which represent the seven disciplines from the Norwegian Standard Curriculum, and an instruction manual with theory. The final look has not only made the new educational tool functional, but also expresses wonder as well as something that is not fully explained. 

Known drawbacks of design: 
The designers and founders worked in close collaboration in order to discover what they wanted to achieve. The main idea was that the product should be functional, not just beautifully designed. The prototype was tested on kindergarten staff in the local community and at their workplaces. The tests showed how intuitive and attractive the product was, and whether it functioned as intended to increase the understanding of Norwegian Framework Plan. During the test period, the desire for information about the educational significance of the various activities became apparent. The black box containing explanations of the activities’ educational aims was therefore added. 


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Status of realization: 
In production 

Education, Environment, Health, Habitation, Lifestyle 

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